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What is chocolate if not a bringer of joy, a childhood desire, something that bridges generations and signals celebration? For years Dolci Frutta’s dippable chocolate shell has brought the joy of handmade chocolate delights into homes across the country. We were tasked with rebranding the identity of a product that has almost entire penetration of the market, including new packaging and creating a digital strategy to spotlight what makes Dolci a family favorite treat: play.

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Look Ma, New Shell

Dolci Frutta’s original packaging launched the dessert dip into commercial success solidifying recognition among grocery shoppers, but as time went on the brand look began to feel dated. We gave the shell a contemporary upgrade with striking colors and crave-able chocolate imagery to appeal to new homemakers and the curious inclined, all while retaining the brand’s iconic brand identity. Since working with Dolci, brand sales lifted by 162% across the nation.


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Clickworthy Content

In the spirit of play, we crafted a set of characters and scenes that bring the fun and functionality of Dolci Frutia to the forefront. A new website was built to serve as both a resource and an inspiration board. As seasons change so does the content, replenishing DIY activities and fanciful gift ideas in real time.

Ancora Website
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Recipe Creation

Chocolate covered strawberries. Based on information gathered through our market research, consumers associated Dolci Frutta primarily with the romantic dessert. But who decided that strawberries get to have all the fun? Our team fought over the chance to create and taste a bank of unique recipes, deliciously simple snacks, and helpful #lifehacks that highlight the true versatility of the product.

Digital Success

The shift in focus from product to play led to a stronger community and user fanbase. Increased engagements on recipes and social media posts allowed the brand access to a new two-way communication where it had previously been one-dimensional. Quality website traffic rose by 65% while the Dolci Delicious Instagram account began to see a stream of tagged photos from families and bloggers using the product in new and creative ways.


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